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Our PUR related products include not only lamination machines, decorative laminate sheets (like PETG, ASA, etc.),
finished boards but also substrates (MDF, PB), bond, machine installation, service after sales and training.
We can say it is a full range of supplying system, which we call Total M Solution.

Edge Bander & Polisher (Buffing machine)


The edge bander and the polisher are a set of machines that enable to attach narrow edge band to the board edges and then polish it as if it were painted. The finish looks as same as it is painted, and no glue line is visible. In fact, the key point and the strength of our edge bander & polisher are the perfect finish of the edge : a unity of both sides of the board and no ‘seam line’ visible on the edge. It results in perfect watertightness : the moisture penetration is completely blocked 100%. All surfaces and sides are bonded together at an angle that is not sharp at all at the ‘cutting edge’, which is especially very helpful for the safety.


Edge Bander & Polisher

The polishing machine makes one set together with the edge bander. It removes fine scratches on the edge after the attachment of narrow edge band and also enhances glossiness, which makes you maintain the highest quality of the product.


Edge finished products

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